PRIVACY POLICY Lissypet communicates to its stakeholders the Privacy Policy, which has been adopted in compliance with the current legal regime contained in Statutory Law 1581 of 2012. The personal data in the custody of Lissypet, in its capacity as responsible and / or in charge as the case may be, will be treated in compliance with the principles and regulations provided in Colombian laws and the good practices applicable to the personal data protection regime. The personal data held by Lissypet will be treated according to the following general purposes: For the fulfillment of the obligations and / or commitments derived from the relationships, contractual or not, existing with its stakeholders. For the fulfillment of the legal obligations that involve personal data of its groups of interest. For commercial management and relations with its stakeholders related to the products and services it offers to the market. To communicate to its stakeholders information about its products, services, publications, training events, commercial activities and advertising associated with its business activity, whether it is carried out directly or not. To deploy corporate social responsibility activities towards its stakeholders. To manage the security of people, property and information assets held by the organization. In each business process, and in accordance with the personal data collected and the treatment to be carried out, the respective privacy notice will inform in advance the particular purposes; name or company name and contact details of the person in charge or in charge of the treatment, and if the treatment will be carried out by a manager, in which case such manager will be under the direction of Lissypet; the rights of the owner and the mechanisms provided by Lissypet to publicize the Privacy Policy. Any person who is part of one of the interest groups, in their capacity as the owner or legitimately authorized, in relation to the processing of their personal data has the right to: Exercise your right to habeas data consisting of knowing, updating, rectifying, opposing and canceling the information collected from them, in those cases where appropriate. Evidence of the existence of the consent granted, unless there is legal authorization for the treatment. Exercise the actions that the law recognizes regarding the protection of personal data and habeas data. For the exercise of habeas data, the owner of the personal data or whoever demonstrates a legitimate interest as indicated in the current regulations, may do so by contacting Lissypet. Through customer service at (+57) 3108324239 our chat (Monday through Friday from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm and Saturdays from 8 am - 1 pm), or through our business email @ lissypet. com. Whoever exercises habeas data must provide with precision the contact information requested in order to process, attend to and respond to your request and deploy the charges for the exercise of their rights. In order to comply with the obligations acquired with its stakeholders, Lissypet is authorized to assign the use of personal data to its commercial allies. Said assignment will always be made for collaboration purposes, that is, to communicate relevant information to the owner of the data, never for its commercial use by third parties. The treatment of personal data carried out by Lissypet in accordance with this policy, will be based on the standard, procedures and instructions adopted by this organization for compliance with the legislation applicable to the protection of personal information. SPECIFIC PRIVACY POLICIES I authorize my personal data to be incorporated into the Lissypet database and that I am aware of the privacy policy defined by Lissypet that is explicit in the initial page of this web page. In the same way, I manifest, under the gravity of oath, that all the data recorded here are true, complete, exact, real and verifiable. I authorize Lissypet so that through my email, text messages and / or voice, I can send information related to promotions and any information of interest that improves the commercial relationship since in the event that Lissypet accepts me as a client through From these means inform me of my portfolio status and payment dates and notify me of future reports of credit information that are pending in the terms of law 1266 of 2008.