Lissypet® is the clothing and accessories brand for pets that creates a connection experience between our customers and their caregivers, we design, test and manufacture pet clothing, reaching all sizes was a difficult job, but we managed to dress from a miniature to Shepherds Brie and Alaskan Malamute. Since 2013 we have dressed Lissy, our Chihuahua with very nice clothes to prevent her from freezing, people on the street started asking about clothes and where to buy them, then they came by offering us money to make clothes for their furry children. In 2014 Little Lissy was born and we made clothes for small breeds, discovering that the idea was more than a hobby, we designed an online store and created new designs. In 2015, we changed the name from Little Lissy to Lissypet® as the old name was difficult to pronounce and was misleading. As Lissypet® we launched 2 new catalogs in the years that followed, we created costumes and expanded in size, reaching all sizes and sizes of dogs, wearing cats and mini-pgs. Today Lissypet® manufactures its garments in Colombia, distributing in Colombia, Spain and the United States, e-commerce has been renewed several times and we improve our designs day by day, seeking the comfort of our furry customers. We are Love for your pet.